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Updated: Jul 12

DEPOT A few more tasks were carried out in clearing away pallets into the stores to free up more room for this weekend's Model Rail Event. The tarpaulin over the 3 engines was secured ready for the shunt out Thursday.

D9015. Alex did some more rubbing down on No 2 cab and applied a 2nd coat of varnish. (note the step ladder was for the posed shot only)

Pic by Pete Stojanovic.

Progress was made on 15 yesterday by the Delectricans, by Richard Emery. 


We traced the issue whereby when we pressed the fuel priming switch on No. 1 engine, No.2 exhauster started to rotate (!).

 We found there was negative battery voltage at relays which had no business having any voltage. This implied one or more missing negatives, which we sort-of expected, as they were all removed and we were reasonably sure we'd probably missed a few we couldn't see. 

We did indeed find the offending negative, reconnected it and both fuel priming pumps then worked ( which also meant certain relays were also coming in, as they should).


We then moved to the Start circuits. We disabled the Start Contactors by simply removing the coil wires and connecting them across a test light bulb. We then turned everything on and pressed the start button. Appropriate relays clicked in and Steve reported a glowing light bulb. There is a good chance then, that Engine 1 would turn over.


This was not the case with Engine 2, however. After another round of testing, we were getting similar problems as with the Exhauster; weird negative battery voltages in strange places, so we suspect another negative is not where it should be.

55019, report and pictures by Andy Pepper. Both drivers straight air valves have been exchanged for overhauled units and tested (pic below). The vacuum brakes were tested in VAC GOODS setting for the first time in many years and worked as expected.

The fault with the TPWS system, that has not worked in many years has been located in the control unit. The number 2 cab changeover relay has failed with an open circuit coil (see pic) so none of the equipment worked in cab 2. When the relay was manually engaged the system came up and worked, all except the sounder for the buzzer. The unit was swapped out for a spare and worked fine. A new relay has been ordered along with some spares and the sounder will be inspected.

The loco was run up and checked ahead of this weekends brake van test runs, all is well.

Work continued on the 'C' exam.

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