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Depot Report - Saturday 10th February


A start was made on the ‘A’ exam ready for the season.



The installation of the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) to No 2 end control cubicle was completed with the tightening of all fixings including the ‘anti-vibration’ bolts now it is firmly in place. A new seal was put on the inside edge of the back plate to keep out any grease/oil, following that a new ‘drip tray’ was installed above the AVR as it sits below the Load Relay Regulator and we have experienced leakage of oil from these in the past so this is a belt & braces job to keep any spillage away from the AVR 
The new TPWS box was installed and the wires fed through the bottom into it ready for the sparkies to connect it all up.



Work continued on looking for the fault when the BIS is switched in and the main CCB trips. After several hours of painstakingly following wires and referring to the wiring diagrams the offending circuit was found.



More work on the cosmetic restoration of the Boiler.


Many thanks to Bill. Daniel. Mick. Mike. Paul. Peter. Richard. Steve.

1st photo: William Watson

2nd photo: Mike Hallam-Rudd

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