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Depot Report - Saturday 23rd September

Photo: Geoff Brain

Having recently found oil ingress in several electrical components the decision was made to put a team together to clean said items.

All doors in the depot were opened for ventilation and the public access was restricted as the chemicals used are unpleasant. As the picture shows the team had full PPE to carry out the task working in 20 minute shifts. The items cleaned included a traction motor, connection box and load reg cubicle. An AVR which was also contaminated was cleaned on a workbench. After the task was completed the depot was left for a hour for the air to clear before the public were admitted.

Other jobs included resetting contacts on the load regulator and checking the wires from it to its resisters. 

On 15 work was progressed on fitting jubilee clips to pipework and fitting bolts to hold down the roof sections. The task of mix and matching engine room doors with handles was causing headaches.

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