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Depot Report - Saturday 24th February


The ‘A’ exam was successfully completed prior to the locomotive leaving for the Great Central Railway - no faults found.


Dusted down ready for the photo charter event later in the day. One of the fuel tanks had its bottom stone guard correctly fitted. The painters removed the masking tape from the light green line. Work is still in progress.


The electricians spent most of the day still trying to find the erroneous  fault which occurred whilst it was standing in the Depot. It has now been traced as possibly the Brake Selector Switch in the Goods Settings. There are various thoughts to this and the engineers are back on Thursday to continue their investigations.


Volunteers prepared the Depot for a private photo shoot that was happening that evening. They also helped out with the event by manning the sales stand and talking to the attendees.

Many thanks to all those volunteers who attended, and also to those who were at the Model Rail event in Glasgow.

Photo: Alex Stojanovic

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Hi all. When does 009 head off to GC? Hoping to see her on 9 March..

Replying to

55009 has arrived today at GC. Her first running is due 23rd March

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