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Depot Report - Saturday 27th January 2024


Work continued on electrical testing. During the day both power units was started up individually.


The recently removed collector drum drain plates were dropped off to have new knuckles and taps attached ready for refitting. New riv nuts were fitted and the remaining roof section was attached. The repaired section of the silencer roof was drilled out and the the final couple of nuts and bolts fitted.

The newly fabricated fire pull covers were trimmed down ready for the hinges to be fitted. The cab painting is almost complete. In the engine rooom the main coolant pipes on each power unit were painted blue.

Electrically, at number 2 end, the newly fabricated backing plate by the load regulator was fitted, the resistor bank reattached along with the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) fitted and relevant cables reconnected.


Cosmetic refurbishing of the steam heat boiler continued.

Thanks to Pete, Richard, Bill, Steve, Mike,William, Nigel, Dan, Robert and Janet.

Photos: Nigel Julian

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So overall when cam we expect to see 9 on mainline tours and is it still the plan to take 15 to the GCR in March please for the AGM on 23rd ?

Replying to

55009 is not currently doing main line runnings and 55015 is not attending GC for the AGM

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