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Updated: Jul 1

Yet again, another most productive day with lots achieved. During the morning session the majority of the Engineering Team attended the bi monthly meeting which proved to be most worthwhile, with some tasks completed, and planning made for other forthcoming projects with a very exciting project on the horizon.


The only task today was to fit the new drain pipe to No 1 engine exhaust silencer; we have opted for an insulated flexible pipe to avoid 'right angled bends' which cause blockages.

Engineering plans were put in place for the replacement unit, 430 which will replace 451. A new full set of hoses for 430 are on order, both generators from 538 have gone away to Dorlec for cleaning and testing which will go onto 430 upon return.


Progress was made with the fault finding on the Fire Alarm system, the fault has been identified and will be fixed next week.

Painting continued with the white surrounds at No 2 end receiving their first coat, whilst the light green had some remedial attention work at No 2 end, along with some touching up along 'A' side.


The 'Delectricians' and the Loco Manger eventually found the issue which was preventing the loco from taking power. The repair was quickly sorted with a successful start up with power now being taken in both directions from both cabs. This enabled the loco to be moved sufficiently to be able to prove a 'rotational test' on axle 4 after the Traction Motor swap several months ago, all OK. The newly installed Vacuum Exhauster was also performing well.

The AVR covers were refitted and the bogies were given a first steam clean in readiness for the paint team tomorrow.

One very happy Loco Manager.

Pics by Paul Beard and Steve Plowman.

Many thanks today to AS. AP. BS. MP. MHR. PB. PV. PS. REm. SC. SP. SW. WW. and of Course Rod who manned the Sales, Meet & Greet stand all day.

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