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Depot Report - Saturday 3rd February 2024


The job required refitting Cable R36 which is part of the ETS system and in 2 halves, it was this that was the cause of the issue back in August with the Over Loads tripping. A small snag was found in the cale casing which was shorting on the frame, it was found in a very difficult place to access. The whole of both cables have now been replaced with armoured cable and the piece of framework has had some work done on it. Loco ran up all ok and put to bed ready for its visit to the GCR.

Photo: Richard Emery


Internal painting continued in both the engine room and No 2 cab. A start was made on fitting the roof cowls to the exhaust outlet ports. Issues arose due to none of the 4 seemed to want to line up, possibly due to being a bit battered.

55015 & 55019

Ultra Sonic Axle test the axle box covers were removed, then replaced afterwards and new grease was pumped into the bearings, removing the old grease. This task was overseen by a 'competent person' as required.

photo: Mike Hallam-Rudd


The bellows which carries the cooling air from the Traction Motor Blower to the Motors was replaced at No 2 end. The cables from the generator to the traction motors were removed so that readings could be taken prior to the motors being cleaned, due to residual damp in there the readings were not very reliable. The process of cleaning the motors with a specific cleaning product was started. This task requires a fairly high level of PPE to be worn and the staff working in short shifts.

The Electricians started work on tracing a mysterious CCB Tripping fault, they have identified the main supply wire, 'P' where it may be and are systematically working their way through the various circuits it feeds.

Photo: Mike Hallam-Rudd


Work continued on the cosmetic restoration of Spanner Mk 2B Boiler J3972 ex 55015, as built and in when withdrawn.

Many thanks to Alex, Bill, Daniel, Geoff, Mick, Mike, Nigel, Pete, Peter, Richard, Richie, Steve x 3, William.

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