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Depot Report - Thursday 4th January 2024

Updated: Jan 6

Depot Report - Thursday 4th January 2024

55009, very little today other than putting the batteries on charge and checking the coolant. No2 engine 451, was found to have a slight leak and time was spent nipping up hoses in the suspect area, whereas No 1 engine 408 was leak free. 

Photo: Mike Hallam-Rudd

55015. Painting continued in both cabs with good progress. Work also continued on sorting the window washers but a decision was made replace the actual old style spray heads with the newer style attached to the wiper arms. A replacement ETS cable was fitted to No 2 end. 

Photo: Mike Hallam-Rudd

55019. 2 Volunteers eventually got the 2 remaining bolts into the exhauster feet and fitted the main exhaust outlets. The replacement was a bit of a challenge as the oil tank and associated bracket on 1 side had to be modified. 

We had a visit from M&J Fabrications who are looking to replace the nose end footsteps which are suffering from corrosion. 

Both Fork Lift trucks had their annual service and check ups with only 2 minor issues found. 

Photo of cab: Alex Stojanovic

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