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Depot Report - Tuesday 11th June 2024

Updated: Jun 29

Today saw 10 volunteers at the depot with work on power unit 430 and on Tulyar.

The first job was to move the main and auxiliary generators to the rear door of the depot.  They are going to Dorlec for overhaul, then they will be fitted to power unit 430.

Work continued on the engine blocks of power unit 430, cleaning the faces that meet the

phasing case.  The unit also had a good clean, removing 42 years worth of grime.

On Tulyar, No.1 auxiliary generator was connected up.  The train and main reservoir hoses

were renewed with new certified hoses.  A must when working on Network rail.  The previous hoses were at least 30 years old.

And at the end of the day, 55013 aka 55009 arrived back at Barrow hill, hauled from the Nene Valley railway by 20142/89.

Generators were collected at 9am this morning, Wednesday & work commenced later in the day.

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