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Forthcoming Events

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Members' Weekend

Saturday/Sunday September 2/3 is Members' Weekend at the Barrow Hill depot.

All three Deltics (including D9015 now back on its bogies) will be on show and the DPS sales stand offering an superb range of products will be manned.

Tyne-Tees Commemorative

With the decision to inspect all electrical components on 55009 Alycidon following its tour to Scarborough on August 19, this has meant, regrettably, putting the planned Tees Tyne Pullman Commemorative tour, booked for September 27 on hold.

Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala

D9009 Alycidon was booked to take part in the NVR's October 14/15 Diesel Gala. However, with the thorough inspection now being undertaken on all its electrical machinery, we have to wait to see if 55009 can be given a clean bill of health. If so, the board would like the Deltic to visit the NVR. If, however, repairs are deemed necessary, there is every possibility Alycidon might visit the NVR next March.

For more information on any of these events, please see the DPS website (Events | Deltic Preservation (

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