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Generator Separated from PU 423

News from DPS Depot saw the main generator successfully separated from the engine.

Several years ago whilst looking at power units to be reactivated it was discovered that power unit 423 wouldn’t turnover using the barring over tool that fits onto A bank crankshaft. The unit was then put on the back burner whilst the decision was to re activate power unit 430 which was turning over freely.

Back to 2024 with work drying up on Tulyar, it was decided that we would look at unit 423. We removed the fan cowling which cools the main generator. We pumped 60 litres of oil into the engine, then tried to turn the engine using a scaffold bar against the fan. Success, the engine was free again and it now turns over freely.

Now that the we know the engine isn’t seized, we decided to remove the auxiliary and main generators, these are life expired and need overhaul. Over the coming months, we will look into reactivating this unit along with power unit 430.

Photos: Pete Stojanovic

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Hi, where is this work being carried out and would it be possible to take a look? I am a rotating machinery engineer (running power station overhauls including generators) of over 40 years and have loved the Deltic's since I watched them from my grandmothers flat overlooking York station.

Replying to

Hi Andrew. Thank you for contacting. The work on the DPS Deltics, including the power unit/generator takes place at Barrow Hill, Staveley. The depot is open most weekends - you are most welcome to come and have a look round. The Barrow Hill complex has an excellent cafe on site which certainly helps make a visit excellent. Best wishes,

Murray Brown, Chairman.


That sounds like a real result! Nice work to all involved 👍


How may spare power units does the DPS actually have please ?

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