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Depot Report Thursday 29th February 2024

55009. Is now away at the Great Central Railway.

55015. The air horn lever guides are being made ready for new ones to be fitted.

55019. Work continued on sorting the electrical fault which has now been traced to the Brake Selector Switch and in particular the Goods Settings. The Air Goods side has been disconnected and eliminated. Unfortunately, the Vacuum Selector side has many wires to select, so work is in progress.

The traction motors were tested for resistance before a second cleaning. Readings were taken an hour or so after the job was done with significant increases on 5 of the 6. No.4 motor was not as good. Further readings to be done on Saturday when it should be completely dry.

Power Units. 430 is now sitting completely on the splitting stands ready for the generator to be removed and sent away for cleaning.

Thanks to, Bill, Steve, Richard, Rod, Nigel, Mike.

Photo 1: Mike Hallam-Rudd

Photo 2: Trevor Savage

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1 Comment

Can I assume that 55009 is running in the guise of 55013 at the Great Central?

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