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From Scrap Line to Mainline

From Scrap Line to Mainline



For the first time, the COMPLETE story of the Class 55s after their withdrawal by BR on January 2 1982 to the present day is recounted in one book.

Over 256 pages, 41 chapters and with over 450 images, this quality hardback book covers:

• The disposal of the Deltics that didn’t make it out of Doncaster

• saving six locos from the scrapyard

• early days in preservation at the NYMR and NVR

• the other railways and events they visited

• the overhaul and retro look for D9009

• return to the main line of D9000, D9009, 55019, 9016, 55002

• service train work for Train operators

• first visits to Mallaig, Thurso, Penzance, Pwllheli and more

• D9016’s transfer to Porterbrook

• VSOE contract

• DPS Barrow Hill shed

• Sales to Beaver Sports

• Freight work for GBRf

• Sale to LSL

• All reported loco movements

• Power unit log

• And more!

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