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Heljan 5531 Class 55 Deltic 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier

Heljan 5531 Class 55 Deltic 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier

SKU: 5531


Heljan 5531 0-Gauge Class 55 Deltic 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier in as preserved livery.



Developed from English Electric’s astonishing 1955 prototype, the 22 production ‘Deltics’ used powerful but lightweight Napier gunboat engines to deliver a far greater power to weight ratio than any other diesel locomotive of their time. The result was a worthy successor to the legendary LNER Pacifics and their performances on the East Coast Main Line over a 20-year career made them equally iconic. Marking the 40th anniversary of their retirement in January 1982, our retooled model is designed to accommodate two large ‘earth mover’ speakers and two smoke units for that unforgettable ‘Deltic’ effect. Other new features include a plug-and-play DCC interface, interior detail and lighting and authentic detail variations for later period Class 55s.


  • Heavy duty twin motor/flywheel drive
  • Plug and Play XL DCC interface
  • Provision for 2x large speakers
  • Provision for 2x ESU smoke units
  • Switchable headcode, HI headlight, cab and tail lights
  • Provision for DCC controlled smoke unit
  • Period specific details according to loco and livery
  • Choice of BR 1976-82 or post-preservation main line locos
  • Finely detailed grilles, bogies and fuel tanks
  • Glazed or plated headcode panels
  • Cast or fabricated bogies
  • Engine room interior detail inserts


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