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Depot Report - 7th October 2023

55009 - the electricians are making good progress with identifying the recent issues and work today concentrated at #1 end, specifically around the load regulator.

One issue identified was an oil leak from a stripped thread on the hydraulic regulator which is mounted on top of the load regulator. This had resulted, amongst other things, in the wiring loom between the load regulator and the resistors behind becoming coated in oil.

These wires were all cleaned, tested, and passed as ok.

A new set of seals has been sourced and fitted to the hydraulic regulator and this is now being taken off site and having the stripped thread recut.

The drip plates between the load regulator and the Automatic Voltage Regulator are being fabricated as they have been found to be missing on 55009. One was removed from 15 to act as a pattern.

Finally a way of adapting the mounting points for the modern AVR has been worked out which will prevent it fouling the control cubicle frame when the access doors are open and the load regulator section is swung out. This relatively straightforward fix will make the whole section much more user friendly.

55015 - the connecting up of the recently installed power units is entering the final stages after the coolant systems were filled and tested last week.

Both the manual priming oil pumps were connected and at #1 end a new pipe was installed completing the connection from the engine to the oil pressure gauge mounted underneath the engine room step on the drivers side.

Rubber pads were sourced and cut to size enabling the brackets connecting the oil and air pipes to be fitted to both engines.

The carden shafts on both power units were bolted into place. These drive, via two gearboxes, the roof fans.

Once the final oil connections have been signed off by the engineering team both power units will be ready to accept oil. In preparation for this, the new 1000 ltr IBC of oil was moved into position by the side of the loco.

In addition to all this, the volunteers took time to engage with visitors to the depot throughout the day

Photos: Nigel Julian

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