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Sunday Depot Report Update

Since the last Sunday depot report we have continued with the paintwork on 55019.

Both sides have been painted, once in its BR Blue Topcoat then sanded down until smooth before the second and final coat of Blue was applied. We had a couple of issues with some areas and how they dried so we have addressed them by rubbing down again until smooth before repainting. The BR Blue coat is now finished and we are happy with the results. The paintwork may not be 100% perfect but our volunteers, who are not professional painters, have put in over 100% of their efforts and time to get the locomotive painted in uncontrollable conditions.

Work then turned to the detail, all the work plates have been repainted, the grills cleaned and painted, horns fitted back on and painted. 9 of the 12 engine room windows have also been refitted. The decals have started to be applied the rest will be applied over the next couple of weeks. The nameplates have been repainted and awaiting new fixings before being refitted.

While all this was ongoing a couple of the team turned their attention to the lower portion of 55019. All the fuel tanks have been cleaned down and repainted black. All the details down the side have also been painted in the respective colours with the

addition of the brake cylinder pipework being painted white. Both bufferbeams have also been addressed by being cleaned down and repainted.

Photos: Bethany Marsh

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1 Comment

Well done to everyone it looks magnificent.

Can't wait to see her withall the decals on.

I would be very proud to drive her for our charity again

JIm Dedicoat

Vice President

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