Following Saturday's announcement regarding the national coronavirus lockdown the DPS depot will remain closed to the public and all DPS members until further notice along with the Barrow Hill site. You are asked not to attend as access will not be permitted until such time the relaxation of the government instructions permit us to allow you to return.

Thank you for your continued support.

Nigel Hutchison DPS Secretary

Issue 253 of 'Deltic Deadline' is now being printed and will be despatched to all members once it has been received back from the printers. Please note that, whilst the possibility of making an electronic version of the magazine available at some point in the future, the Society has no plans to stop producing a printed magazine.

Following the Government announcement earlier today, which has seen North East Derbyshire put in the high-risk category for Covid infections and transmissions, the DPS depot at Barrow Hill has, regrettably, been closed again for the next four weeks. Chesterfield, which is just a few miles from the depot, has been specifically mentioned.

Our Volunteer Liaison Officer, Mike Hallam-Rudd, and Secretary, Nigel Hutchison, will be reviewing the situation on or around November 17th, after which an update will be made.

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