This week saw the arrival of pre-production livery samples of the Accurascale Deltics. After being scrutinised a few minor modifications have been identified and reported back to the production factory in China. Despite this we think the models are looking good and cannot wait for the production run to commence.

Please visit to order and pay in full or contact to order with a £30 deposit.

Despite the current situation with Covid 19, the DPS raffle has been drawn witnessed by the DPS secretary Nigel Hutchison and Samantha Hickson. The winning numbers are:

1st prize 07177

2nd prize 01908

3rd prize 00638

4th prize 17205

5th prize 16887

6th prize 15408

I will be contacting the winners shortly.

A total of 217 members returned ticket stubs to the value of £4055. On behalf of the DPS Board, a big thank you to those who took part.

Following almost a year of negotiations, the Society's collection of boiler spares have been acquired by the Ivatt Diesel Recreation Group. They will be reunited with the former steam heat boiler from 55019, which was also purchased by the group in 2020 - a Deltic being about the only type of boiler which will fit in their re-created loco.

Lockdown restrictions have delayed their despatch, but, following approval by Barrow Hill management, Graham Clarke and Mike Hallam-Rudd were allowed on site separately on January 9, and the parts departed for their new home at Wirksworth, being unloaded later in the day. We wish the IDRG all the best with their project to recreate one of the LMS 'twins'.

For a more detailed story and pictures, please see the forthcoming issue of Deltic Deadline.

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